First two reviews!

The second review of Contested Land, Contested Memory has come out.

In the first, Publishers Weekly commented that

Roberts does a masterful job of presenting all perspectives in their proper context.”

Now, in Embassy, Canada’s foreign policy weekly, senior editor Jim Creskey writes:

Contested Land, Contested Memory offers an important look at the complexity that is the state of Israel.
Roberts travelled extensively across Israel, meeting with Jewish and Palestinian Israelis. The result is a thoughtful probing of the two traumas that remain central to Israel.
Her writing has academic credibility and personal appeal. If that sounds unlikely, it is. Only a writer as good as Roberts could make it work — but work it does, as it proceeds to unravel Israel’s paradoxical political identity. …
Contested Land, Contested Memory offers a nuanced understanding that comes from a smartly-guided tour of those Israeli polarities. I strongly recommend Roberts’ eloquent visit to Israel’s bold and painful past and present.”